Fresh Off the Boat, Season 1 Episode 7 Review: “Showdown at the Golden Saddle”

(Beware, spoilers below!)

The family is being shown the new billboard that Louis created. Eddie however has his own problems on the unsupervised school bus since he wants to share with Nicole and have some quality time with her. However, his plan to get Nicole to carpool tank until she’s invited over to babysit the boys when the parents are invited to a country club.

When his fathers’ billboard gets defaced over and over he confesses to Jessica that he copied a Golden Saddle because he didn’t have the money to open a franchise to begin with. When they sit together in Golden Saddle they find out that the boss is the one that’s been defacing the billboards. He’s even stolen Louis’ employee Mitch by offering to pay him double.

By the end of the night Eddie manages to get Nicole to like him a tad via a rap CD and his parents take revenge by defacing a Golden Saddle.

This episode sheds a lot of light on Louis and a different side of him than the happy affable restraurant owner and father that we’ve seen so far. Him scrambling out of the bathroom window was hilarious but his billboard placement showed how he can be business-savvy too. As always, Constance Wu manages to steal the show as Jessica with her wonderful Caddyshack references and Evan also is the cute kid of the episode with his love for the ‘Always There Bear’. Eddie’s crush on Nicole is both familiar and endearing, which makes his mishaps as the girl babysits incredibly sweet. He’s moved on from being a slightly annoying voice of the show to a young kid we can get behind. Whilst not the funniest episode we’ve yet seen, Fresh Off the Boat makes for consistently enjoyable comedy whilst giving us the best throwbacks – anyone else notice that famous Janet Jackson magazine cover?


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