Modern Family, Season 6 Episode 17 Review: “Closet? You’ll Love It!”

(Beware, spoilers below!)

Cam is concerned that Lilly has no talent and given whilst Gloria stops Joe from having any more binkies… that’s just some of the fun jam packed into this new Modern Family episode. Claire and Jay have to shoot a new closet commercial but Jay scraps all of Claire’s hard work to stick to his thirty year old tried and tested formula. Robbie Amell guest stars as Hayley’s date at a fairground, who isn’t paying her much attention, leaving her to bail. However, just as she get’s to her grandpa’s house, Gloria tells her that Andy is in the hospital, so she rushes to his bedside.

Meanwhile in Jay’s home a drone manages to catch Phil with his pants down when the video gets put on YouTube Phil decides to get his revenge. When their first two plans fail they try to follow the drone… only for Phil’s pants to drop again. Meanwhile when Cam’s Law school nemesis shows up they decide that it really would be best if she didn’t perform. In the hospital a heartfelt Haley tells Andy he has a shot with her, but then his girlfriend comes in a she leaves. What Haley doesn’t see, though, is the equally heartfelt look he gives her as the door closes behind her.

When Jay turns out to be a really bad advertiser Claire tries to fire him and tells him that he’s known as Grumpa, which obviously upsets him. He attempts to be cheerful but it doesn’t quite work, but after a heartfelt chat with Claire he returns to old spirits, running outside to help the boys defeat the drone once and for all … though it turns out that it was actually Gloria who took the all important shot.

What’s so great about this episode is that despite the difficulty the characters face it’s not just as simple as a happy coincidence where Lilly gets a singing voice, or Phil completely wins against the drone. The little victories are joyful because they happen and the characters have made choices they want, and this is a good change from a perfect outcome. Claire’s come a long way from Season 1, and the episode really highlights the difference as she’s becoming a more savvy business woman and Jay tries to relive the glory years. Since she’s shown up she’s taken the business in her stride and this is no bad thing. What was just as fun was the whole family physically coming together. Sure, this might have been because of Jay’s pool but we see Claire interacting with Gloria, Manny hugging Phil – it builds on the multi-person juggling that was so well handled last week. Though in that funny and charming episode I have only one question left: did any of you wonder where Alex was? (Confession: I didn’t…)


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