The Big Bang Theory, Season 8 Episode 17 Review: “The Colonization Application”

(Beware, spoilers below!)

Amy and Sheldon take ‘the next step’ in their relationship by getting a turtle together, making them the first in the group to start a family. Meanwhile Raj is staying over at Emily’s apartment and he can’t decide whether or not she’s joking about whether or not she killed her roommate.

However, when Amy and Sheldon go turtle shopping he reveals to Amy that he applied to a colonising mission to Mars and didn’t tell her, which of course makes her upset. Raj is looking through Emily’s nightstand when he manages to break it, and he panics to Howard on the phone. Penny and Leonard get a item from the ‘dirty store’ where they cover themselves in paint and do the dirty in order to see what the painting turns out to be. When their painting ends up being rather lacklustre they try again.

Sheldon and Amy come back from the pet store sans pet and with Amy distressed with her boyfriend. He shows her the video he made to convince the company that he should be allowed to go to Mars. This doesn’t make things better yet, until he suggests that Amy comes to Mars with him which makes him very happy. Emily finally comes home and gets mad at Raj whilst Howard and Bernadette listen on voice call. She eventually forgives him, but not before she suggests that there’s something in the closet.

The Big Bang Theory knocks it out of the park again with another hilarious episode – my favourite bit was Sheldon’s Mars application video – and brought the Shamy on by leaps and bounds. Amy managing to convince Sheldon that having children was a good idea is huge, an even greater step than the surprising turtle news at the beginning. Raj and Emily get a good amount of screentime too, which was much needed for Raj’s paramour. We’re given more much needed insight into Emily’s character and how she finds her own place in this already quirky group of loveable people. In this case both Howard, Bernadette, Penny and Leonard suffer in terms of development or even really having anything interesting to do. This unfortunately means that as funny as bits of the episode was, it wasn’t the best we’ve seen. Yet as a fan of the Shamy and Raj/Emily, I’m glad we got to see more of both. Let’s hope the show manages to juggle all eight characters with greater finesse in future.

The most touching moment of the show? The small Leonard Nimoy tribute at the end. It was poignant and beautiful, and you can’t help but wonder how Sheldon reacted at the news of his hero’s passing. RIP, Mr Spock. LLAP.


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