Episodes, Season 4 Episode 9: Review

(Beware, spoilers below!)

Season four of Episodes comes to a tense but funny ending, and it all kicks off as behind the dumpsters Carol and Bev meet once more, during which Bev tells her that these weird secret meetings need to stop. She tells Carol that the next day she will be hiking alone in their usual spot… and that she can decide to come if she wants.

Merc and Matt begin to start work on their new show, where the passive aggressive vibe cannot be more obvious. During lunch Castor Sotto approaches Carol and Helen during lunch. He seems much happier and reveals he’s going to run The CW. After their lunch he calls Carol and offers her a job as his number two where he’ll pay her twice what she’s being paid now.

Over drinks Sean manages to joke with Matt about how trapped he is in his new role as a game show host. The next morning Carol and Bev walk together and the latter tells her not to take the job. As they chat Helen jumps out and says hello. She breaks up with Carol and takes back her things.

The rest of the day Helen gives Bev the evil eye and things are incredibly awkward all around. It gets to the point where Carol is banished from the stage and in sadness she accepts the offer from Castor. During the show Matt decides that he’s gotta stand his ground… which ends up in a fight between Merc and Matt. The latter ends up winning the fight, locking Merc in the box with a load of bugs.

Carol shows up at The CW and she’s told that nobody knows what she’s talking about concerning Castor. Bev and Sean meet with Helen scared that she will cancel their show – but it gets worse because she tells them that she’s brought back Tim…

We finish this season of episodes with our favourite characters in limbo. Poor Carol just can’t get a break, can she? She just can’t seem to find someone who’s nice and normal, though the phony move by Castor was unexpected and a low blow indeed. Now that she’s out of a job it remains to be seen what will happen next year. The same goes for Bev and Sean – it was pretty clear that her and Sean weren’t going to get away scott free, and with how the Tim storyline has been set up it seemed only inevitable that things would end this way. Whilst this episode was not the funniest this season it was still entertaining, with enough realistic drama to make us wonder just what will happen to our favourite characters. That being said, the highlight of the twenty minutes for sure was Myra giving birth, and the wonderful last shot between her and baby. I think she’s found her new best friend!

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