Mr Selfridge, Season 3 Episode 7: Review

(Beware, spoilers below!)

This episode, Mr Grove mourns the death of his wife Doris and many of the Selfridge story family shows up to commiserate. Miss Mardle takes on the responsibility of holding the wake, and Doris’ old love shows up because he wants to pay his respects. Miss Mardle shoos him away as Mr Selfridge talks to Mr Grove. The latter asks who the young man was but Miss Mardle pretends that he was a delivery boy. As Victor and George come back to the club from Doris’ wake they show Regan the new gambling room that has been set up in the back. Regan tries to tempt George with a bit of gambling, but the young man doesn’t give in. Victor also gets quizzed about Violette, but he doesn’t give many details away and the boys are pretty relieved when the other Moriarty leaves.

Back in the store Mr Crabbe is looking for Harry, but he’s nowhere to be seen – because he’s with Nancy. He goes to show Nancy round the store as no one is around, and starts gifting her all kinds of items. Miss Mardle and Mr Grove have dinner together and he gives her an old trinket that used to be Doris’. He confesses to her that he doesn’t have many friends and pleads with her to take his gift. All kinds of things are happening in the evening, as clients start coming into Colleano’s for the gambling room. In restaurant Harry confesses to Nancy that he is no longer the store owner because of shares he sold and in morning she meets with Violette to talk about the house furniture. When Nancy leaves Victor reveals himself from behind a newspaper and shows the Selfidige girl the new car he’s just bought.

In the tea room the Princess, Lois, Sergei and Rosalie have tea together and it appears that things are rather looking up for the couple, but for some reason the Princess looks a little displeased. At the shareholders’ meeting Harry talks about how great the store is going. Things seem to be going swimmingly until Lord Loxley reveals himself as the man who bought Harry’s 5% share in the store. He tells the shareholders about how he feels that Harry’s been mishandling the store. In order to gain some more true he promises the shareholders that their shares will increase in value by ten percent, a proposition which startles Mr Crabbe. Outside the store Loxley reveals he also bought some of Rosalie’s shares which were sold by Sergei, which entitles him to a set on the store board. Victor and Violette are enjoying themselves on a day out, but Miss Mardle has more problems, because Billy shows up asking to be able to claim his son, which she thinks is impossible. Mr Crabbe asks her what’s wrong and she eventually confesses to him what happened, and how she feels she can’t tell Mr Grove because she doesn’t want him thinking badly of her.

Mr Crabbe tells her that Mr Grove needs to know, and she agrees to see him. At the Selfridge house Harry confronts Serge over Rosalie’s shares and the young man tries to convince Harry that he didn’t sell out the family on purpose, but Harry doesn’t believe him. This leads to him spiralling into sadness until Rosalie confesses that she’s pregnant. She convinces her father that Sergei will have to stay and the two men finally agree a truce. In Colleano’s Violette is enjoying herself, but Victor seems a little jumpy over two men in the club. When he goes to inspect them further he sees that they’re doing drugs in the club and George goes to throw them out… but realises that Victor has let it slide. The two argue about the situation and its clear that Victor is giving in so that he can finally earn some money.

Miss Mardle arrives at Mr Grove’s home with a pie and confession about the child. She tells him that Ernest isn’t Mr Grove’s child and he predictably gets very angry with her. He places the blame of the accident on her and orders her to get the child and take it away. In the club Victor orders Violette to go, just as one of the drug taking men is found passed out in the back of the club. He can’t report it to the doctors for fear of being reported to the police and Victor manages to wake up the man once and for all, ordering him home. He tells Violette she has to go and says that his world has no place for her. She tells her that she loves him, but it makes no difference and he orders her away. In Nancy’s home her partner in crime tells her to take a step back because she’s becoming too involved.

Amanda Abbingdon steals the show this episode as the tortured Miss Mardle, who did all she could to atone for her mistake and tried to do the right thing. Agnes was very much the mainstay of the show, the anchor with which we were brought into the show. A couple of characters are vying for her position, but it’s clear that Josie Mardle is the one most likely to step up to the plate. The Victor/Gordon dynamic finally reached a head, with the two actors fighting their corner and saying much more through their acting than their words. It’s just about the right time that the Doris saga has finally come to an end, with a satisfying if sad conclusion. The relationship between Victor and Violette was always portrayed as a little doomed due to the Romeo and Juliet like nature of their relationship, but this episode it turned out the way we thought it would (for now). In that respect, it was finally good for the heat to been taken off Rosalie and Sergei’s marriage, with the latter demonstrating himself as just a misguided young man.  With three more episodes to go it still remains to see the extent with which Mr Selfridge will be ruined before the season is up, but it is there is at least just about enough to keep us interested.


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