Tom Ford Nail Lacquer: Review

I’m a huge, huge nail polish fan. I love the stuff (perhaps more than I ought to) and to me one of the Holy Grails of the nail polish world is Tom Ford’s nail polish line. Designer nail polish lines can sometime be hit and miss, but Mr Ford’s line just hits it out of the park. His multi-shade range is described as: ‘this extra–amplified, gloss and shine nail lacquer, in a wardrobe of shades from alluring brights to chic neutrals, lets you express your mood and complete your look. Its groundbreaking, high–performance formula with bendable coating delivers high coverage and shine while staying color true throughout wear.’

So let’s start with the longevity of the polish, because it’s one of the longest lasting polishes I’ve ever used. My nail polish ritual is fairly standard: Orly’s base coat, two coats of colour and then one coat of either Butter London or OPI’s top coat. With any decent polish this gives me around five days to a week of wear, depending on the brand. With Tom Ford’s polish, this gives me anywhere from seven to eleven days before chipping starts getting bad. I tested this when I was on holiday (so my hands weren’t just hanging idle), and I was pretty astounded.

Moving away from my giddiness over its long life, the colours in his range are also very rich and beautiful. He doesn’t go as crazy or psychedelic with his colours as, say, Marc Jacobs’ line but the depth and richness of his colours are truly beautiful. His red nail polish in #13 Carnal Red has officially replaced Chanel’s #475 Dragon as my favourite red polish of all time. Just as importantly, the colour doesn’t fade or change as time goes on (an understated problem), which is really rather remarkable for a plain polish.

Drawbacks? The price. At £26 pounds a bottle you can buy two bottles of Butter London for the price, three bottles of A-England if you spend an extra pound or one bottle of Chanel Le Vernis with a bit of cash left over. Is it worth it? I’m not sure. If you’re happy with Chanel’s formula I think you can happily stick to that without worrying. But for the big nail mavens out there I would recommend buying at least just one bottle of the Tom Ford Nail Lacquer in your lifetime. Much like the Louboutin nail polishes, with its glossy packaging and rich formula, you’ll truly feel like you’re using a luxurious nail polish… even if you only save it for special occasions.

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