Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Season 2 Episode 18 Review: “Captain Peralta”

(Beware, spoilers below!)

The week on the Nine-Nine Jake asks Boyle where he should take his dad to town because the usually absentee pilot is finally visiting. Meanwhile the Captain tries to braintease the rest of the gang and tells them that the prize for solving the riddle is two tickets to see Beyoncé.

The pilot goes and impresses the crew whilst Gina and Rosa bets 100 dollars that they can beat Terry and Amy at solving the puzzle first. Over dinner Jake’s dad confesses that he’s actually in town because he needs Jake’s help to get him out a fix where he’s accused of smuggling drugs.

Jake, Boyle and Scully go to Canada to help Jake’s dad but when they land the Canadian cops takes Captain Peralta hostage. In order to find out more Jake and Boyle put on his dad’s uniforms to be able to investigate the Commodore’s Club. Even though the duo is kicked out of the Club he manages to takes the prints off the suspect in order to free his dad. However when the duo get back to New York his dad fails to show up at his own party and this makes Jake realise that his dad wasn’t the hero he thought. He tells his dad he doesn’t want to hear from him until he’s ready to step up. When he gets back to bar Holt tells him that he’s proud of him, which seems to mean much more.

As that’s been going on the puzzling duos keep trying to solve the riddle, but even Amy’s thoughtful solution is wrong. When Gina takes a photo of Amy’s stumped face her and Rosa realise that the Captain is actually wearing the same confused face. They tell them they worked out that he didn’t know the solution either, and he reveals that he was gifted that old riddle by his old CO and he never managed to solve it. He tried to get the team to solve it because he couldn’t and Gina’s tenacity she gets gifted the tickets, which she deemed was her ‘birthright’ anyway.

This week’s episode might not have been high on the laughs but was still fairly entertaining. Jake’s need for validation is finally explained given his dad’s absentee nature. We also always knew that Boyle was loyal to Jake, but this also fleshed out further as a friend who really does have his best interests at heart. One could have thought from the title that the episode was about Jake taking charge whilst the Captain in the title is actually his dad, in some ways Jake did grow up, moving on from that piece of his childhood that thought his dad was the best pilot ever. Now can we have a shot of the whole gang in pilot uniforms slow walking to ‘Spirit in the Sky’ please? I feel like the internet needs that.



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