A England Nail Lacquer: Review

Adina Bodana’s holographic nail polish range has quickly shot her to the top of the cult nail polish scene since her brand’s inception. Using England’s history and environment as as inspiration she comes with beautiful collections that focus on specific palettes each time. Bodana’s range is only nine pounds a bottle but no other polish will give you such glitter and shine.

The formula she uses is thick and long lasting and can last for five to twelve days With just one coat you get enough coverage to completely cover the nail which as a boon for metallic or holographic polishes, but the rich colour the lacquer is unfortunately a victim of colour fading past around three to four days depending on the shade.

For me, this is the only drawback to what is otherwise a solid and beautiful nail lacquer range. If you’re looking for plain and simple colours this range wont be for you, but if you’re look for unique and dazzling colours no nail polish company beats A England. With names such as Fotheringay Castle or St. George you’re bound to find polishes that not only suit the colour you want, but also feeds the romantic in you.


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