Mr Selfridge, Season 3 Episode 8: Review

(Beware, spoilers below!)

Back in Selfridges we start on a good day given the new peace treaty. Harry uses the newly hired Frank as to how to celebrate the occasion. Miss Mardle is still looking after Ernest with the help of George, who has no job after he walked out of Colleano’s. Mr Grove is still finally back in the store and there are questions surrounding Ernest and his whereabouts from more than one source. The day rolls on and Mr Crabbe finally finds out about Gordon and Miss Calthorpe by accident whilst Nancy tries to distance herself from Harry. In the evening Colleano’s gets into full swing and Victor handles Regan’s men on his own until a brawl starts and it all goes awry. Elsa tells him he has to sort things out and become his own man.

French aviator Vicomte de Sibeaux is visiting the Selfridge family because he’s working with Sergei and come morning in the Selfridge house Harry tells his mother about Nancy backing off. Miss Mardle goes to talk to Mr Grove about the situation with Ernest and tells him that if he will have nothing to do with the baby then she will have to approach the natural father. Gordon tells Mr Longchamp that he has to create an aviation display to do with the big celebration event which involves giving away a thousand hampers and a flight with the aviator. In his club Loxley meets with two other shareholders and suggests that they go and visit the store to see what’s going on.

Nancy is moping in her flat and her brother is furious that she chose to take a step back. Their Biritish extravaganza opens to much press fanfare. It’s another good day for Ernest as George gives Billy his son for the day to play with. Mr Crabbe talks to Gordon about his intentions with Miss Calthorpe given that they come from different walks of life. Victor goes to talk to Regan for more money to turn his club into an open and exclusive gambling club. Regan agrees, but only on the conditions that he starts seeing results fast. In the store Violette is drifting around the store when the Vicomte offers to get her a drink. Meanwhile George goes to the store specifically speak to Mr Grove and tells him about Ernest asking for his siblings and his family.

Nancy finally goes to see Harry again but begins to breakdown when she he starts to talk long term. On the shop floor Miss Calthorpe is upset when the Princess and Lois starts mentioning how eligible Gordon is as a bachelor and she decides that she has to end their relationship. Violette manages to win the raffle because the Vicomte rigs it, but she insists that he picks again. A new winner is chosen, but only after she promises to go on a flight with him anyway. Mr Grove finally brings Ernest back home, much to the delight of his children, George and Miss Mardle. After talking to Violette Harry decides he has to go after Nancy and asks her to marry him.

This episode of Mr Selfridge was heavy on romantic drama, with Violette showing she’s not so much moping as taking time for herself, the Selfridge heir losing his girl and Harry going hell for leather in love. Whilst the trailer for the next episode shows the Grove saga still isn’t quite over George Towler was given another episode with which to quietly shine as not just a capable child carer but one able to get through to Mr Grove after all else has failed. The fact that the Grove children are finally together is a good contrast to the Selfridge family becoming increasingly fractured. There might be a façade of togetherness at times but even the contrast of demeanour between Rosalie and Violette shows that there’s little discussion. The episode might not have tugged at the heartstrings as last week and was full of regular if forgettable performances, but we were served a familiar does of Selfridge drama which should keep its regular viewers happy. As we speed towards looks like a violent and dramatic conclusion it looks like Harry’s passions might leave him without his most treasured business venture. Let’s just hope that the rest of the Selfridge family (both biological and store based) end up in much better fates.


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