The Flash, Season 2 Episode 15 Review: “Out of Time”

(Beware, spoilers below!)

We start off this week’s episode of The Flash as we revisit the events before the Particle Accelerator explosion. Whilst Clyde Mardon was changed into a metahuman so was his brother and today his big brother Mark is after the cop that killed Clyde. At a bowling alley both Iris and Barry seem a little too close for both their significant others’ comfort. It’s a fun night all round as Cisco and Dr Wells hang out together before Barry is called to the scene where Mark Mardon killed the coroner.

At Star Labs Barry admits to Dr Wells that as he was running last night he saw another version of himself running alongside him. The next morning Eddie’s pretty cold to Iris and he admits it’s because he feels that something has changed between Barry and Iris, and that he’s not okay with it. In the car whilst Eddie and Barry talk together about Iris they suddenly get accosted by Mardon and Joe gets confined to the precinct. In Iris’ newsroom her mentor tells her that every trail he’s been investigating leads to Dr Wells’ and that he needs her to follow it up. She goes to meet Barry to talk to him about it but he tells her that there’s no story there. Cisco gives Joe a wand that’s meant to help protect him against Mardon whilst also asking him about his suspicions when it came to Dr Wells. However he doesn’t get a straight answer but Joe has bigger problems when Mardon shows up in the precinct and takes out the Captain when he tries to save Joe.

Cisco goes to investigate the suspicions about Dr Wells and demonstrates all the events that don’t add up. He asks her to keep the doctor out of the lab the next morning whilst upon learning the Captain may never walk again asks Barry to keep Iris safe. When he pops round to the newsroom Mason Bridge tells Barry he has some big news about Wells which he’s ready to reveal, news which will demonstrate how Wells could have done the heinous things he’s suspected of. As Cisco runs tests about what actually went wrong the night of the Particle Accelerator the Reverse Flash suddenly shows up: however we see Dr Wells is obviously at breakfast with Caitlin.

Joe and Eddie go investigating in an old Mardon brothers’ hide out before Mark captures him and breaks his legs. He then calls Iris and tells her that he has to meet her at the waterfront alone without the police. At Star Labs the Reverse Flash reveals himself to Barry as Dr Wells … sans wheelchair. He calls introduces himself as Eobard Thawne and demonstrates how he’s able to manipulate after-images. Dr Wells tells Cisco he was meant to kill Barry and never meant to kill Nora Allen. He confesses that he’s been mentoring Barry because he’s been marooned in their time for fifteen years and that The Flash’s speed is key to him going home – but this confession is short lived, as he supposedly kills Cisco.

As the Mardon sends a tidal wave towards the city Barry confesses his identity to Iris before desperately trying to protect the city against a tidal wave being sent towards them. But as a Barry runs faster and faster, he suddenly gets sent back… to the past.

How good was this episode of The Flash? So good that if this had been the season finale, I would have been one happy lady, which sets a high bar for the actual season finale for sure. The first twenty minutes or so did a lot of setting up, wether that was between Joe and Mardon, the excruciating love quadrangle or Cisco getting closer to the truth. I was pleasantly surprised that as unlikeable as Iris has been this season (read: quite a lot) Candice Patton was able to at least pull off the material to the point where I’m sure many a viewer punched the screen when her and Barry finally shared that kiss. But the two biggest mouth dropping moments were easily Cisco’s death – with a killer (no pun intended) line from Wellls/Thawne – and Barry being stranded in the past. Considering he’s now technically able to redo almost everything this episode, where do we go from here? How will he choose to change things? Will Cisco not die after all, or will he never get that kiss with Iris? It’d almost be a pain if he chose to literally redo the entire episode, but at the same time it’s intriguing for sure to see what he does with his new power. Anyhow, despite a rocky start this was a stellar episode and I can’t wait for next week.

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