The Disney Princess Series: Alice Review

After Esmeralda I’d say Alice is the most famous Disney Heroine that’s not a princess but has strong support to become one. So let’s cross off the boxes as to why not she might not initially be considered, and work from there. Alice isn’t a princess, doesn’t become a princess and at not point works her way into even marrying into the hierarchy (I know some have argued she’s a princess of Wonderland, but she’s never bestowed with that title, so I’m going to ignore it). If we take the Disney live action film into account we could say that he role as the sword swinging hero of Wonderland gives her as much right as Mulan to be up there, but we’ll look at solely the animated Alice for this one.

In terms of her characteristics, she’d hardly be the ditziest or inactive heroine in the line up. In the film Alice is shown to be resourceful with the potential to be quick on her feet and fast to adapt. She might be quite the daydreamer, but she’s kind, polite and also quite intelligent. In terms of having the qualities to be a princess, she certainly fits the bill.

When Disney first launched the Princess franchise she was featured on the odd pieces of memorabilia, which does make you wonder why Disney withdrew her from the lineup. My personal view is that Disney deemed her to be too young. Compare petite and lithe little Alice with Elsa, Aurora or even Merida, all of which are much further on in their teenage years (which has of course courted the odd piece of controversy, but that’s a discussion which doesn’t fit here). It certainly has nothing to do with Alice in Wonderland’s box office success or revenue: the film has done as well if not more so than most of the Disney Princess properties and has appeared in several remakes and television adaptations. Wonderland, and Alice with it, is firmly in the public consciousness.

So it seems – perhaps fittingly – that little Alice is quite the enigma when it comes to Disney Princess and her place in the franchise. In fact, the more I review these ‘princesses’ the more I wonder wether Disney should just come out with a Heroines line so that all the great but forgotten Disney ladies can have a bit of publicity. Either way, I’ll touch on another forgotten Disney Princess confuser next week with Tinkerbell.


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