The Flash, Season 1 Episode 16 Review: “Rogue Time”

(Beware, spoilers below!)

We return this week to a very crucial moment in The Flash as Barry’s transported to the past with no idea of what to do. He’s thrust twenty-four hours into the past and he’s redoing it all again, but not without a certain amount of disorientation. He finds himself predicting or saying things before they happen and Dr Wells picks up on it straight away. He tells Barry that he can’t tell him anything and that he has to do exactly the same things that he did last time to the letter.

But let’s not forget this is Barry, who doesn’t do as Wells says and instead captures Mardon before any of the events happen. Wells is understandably not very happy, telling Barry that whatever he”s managed to prevent will just be replaced by something else – which might be much worse. Meanwhile Snart and his crew are apprehended by the Santini crime family, but they easily take their captors out. Caitlin goes with Cisco to his brothers’ birthday party – the one he initially missed. However it’s eventually clear about why Cisco doesn’t like his family and him and Caitlin leave.

Joe goes to visit him and Dr Wells curious about how Barry managed to apprehend Mardon and didn’t tell him. Barry runs to his date with Linda but they just end up amicably breaking up because Linda knows she doesn’t love him as he ought to. He ends up asking Iris out to coffee – if a little oddly. Afterwards he meets Cisco in the bar and a girl called Lisa offers to buy Cisco a drink.

The girl ends up being Snart’s sister, how demands Cisco to make him the guns. When Cisco refuses, Dante is threatened with death. He makes the guns, and then finds he has to make a gun for Lisa Snart too. Come next morning Barry meets with Iris and even though he tells her that he knows things have changed. Iris ends up upset and tells him that she loves Eddie and he can’t keep springing that on her,

He trudges back to S.T.A.R. Labs despondent before he’s called to the Rogues destroying a downtown casino. Barry orders him to let Cisco go, but nothing comes of it. Eddie punches Barry hard in the face in anger and he’s so angry that Dr Wells allows him to finally offload. Still trapped, Cisco and Dante end up talking frankly to one another. The only he away he and his brother will be let go is if Cisco tells him who The Flash is.

Racked with guilt Cisco ends up taking some time off from S.T.A.R. Labs. He asks Cisco to come down with him to the basement and tells him that he’s like a son to him, that he’s loved by the team and has to stay. Just then Caitlin finds out that Snart’s plan all along was to get the cash on the move and Barry uses it as an opportunity to talk to Snart. The two end up negotiating a deal where he doesn’t uncover Barry’s secret in exchange for him not putting Snart away.

Caitlin ends up intervening with Iris and Eddie on Barry’s behalf, telling them that it’s because of Barry’s ‘lightning psychosis’ this leads him to some outbursts of affection. This of course means that Iris and Eddie stop being upset with him. Back in S.T.A.R. Labs Barry finds out that Mason Bridge has gone missing – right after Dr Well had spend into the newsroom to kill the reporter. This leads him to speak to Joe, since he’s now finally convinced about Joe’s suspicions.

Barry being Barry, this episode was obvious going to change the events of the past, since we know that he always tries to take the chance to change things for the better. Arguably the biggest change was how Cisco lives – instead of uncovering Wells’ secret he ends up having a sincere father to son chat and Mason Bridge ends up on the end of Wells’ heart punch of death instead. The other significant plot change was seeing Barry’s mishap with Iris. He not only throws away his relationship with Linda but almost alienates Iris because of what he experienced and Grant Gustin’s depiction of gradual understanding when it came to the havoc and potential devastation of time travel was well played by the actor. Whilst it might be disappointing to some that the whole drama of the previous episode was reset, at least the writers focused on the dilemma of time travel and how the pieces have been set in motion for the potential showdown at his mothers’ murder nearer the end of the season.


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