Modern Family, Season 6 Episode 18 Review: “Spring Break”

(Beware, spoilers below!)

This week in Modern Family Alex is stressing over college acceptance letters when Claire suggests she goes to a music festival with Haley. Mitchell and Cam are spending time with Jay and Gloria because Lily is out on a scout camp for the first time.

Gloria is struggling because she’s made to give up her soap operas in exchange for Jay not smoking his cigar. When Claire realises that Luke is showing up Phil in everything from trampolining to banjo playing she tries to get him to do some manly chores. However this still backfires when Luke gets hit in the eye with a banjo string.

Mitch decides to look for Lilly but after trekking through the woods realises that she’s actually very happy away at camp. Meanwhile his other half is down to sing Memory at the Follies but another teacher goes for it first. When Cam messes it up Gloria (a little deprived of soap opera drama) finds out the other teacher set him up all along – but it’s ok, she turned his microphone on so everyone found out.

Haley and Claire discover that Alex hasn’t been accepted to Harvard and at the festival Alex takes out her frustrations on Haley about how even being the perfect student didn’t get her what she wanted. In true Haley style she tells Alex why it’s good for her to get used to the fact she can’t always be the best, which helps her get through it.

The most effective part of Modern Family this week was Claire and Phil coming to the realise how their children are growing up and moving on, something which has been hinted at here and there but not encapsulated as effectively until now. However, the disjointed nature of the plots was keenly felt given that there was very little overlap between them in the first place. The most charming duo of Luke and Phil helped to raise the overall spirit of the episode by well toeing the line between serious intentions and physical comedy. All in all, a decent way to spend half an hour, but it wasn’t so much comedy oriented as something trying to be more sincere.

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