Mr Selfridge, Season 3 Episode 10: Review

(Beware, spoilers below – scroll down to miss the recap!)

It’s the final Mr Selfridge episode for 2015 and all the threads are explosively coming together. We start off this week with the store cast in and atmosphere of tension as the shareholders arrive for the promised numbers. Harry promised for increased profits of ten percent, but the store has currently only raised them by six point four. He tells them about the proposed plans to keep profits increasing but Loxley pushes for the vote of no confidence so that he can oust Harry. In the meeting Harry raises the issue of Lady Mae and manages to get the latter to raise his temper. This helps Harry to just about win the vote and not lose his position.

As Nancy and her brother have increasingly trouble with pulling off their pretence the Princess confides to Sergei that the architect is no one to be heard of. In Colleano’s Elsa finds a great opportunity for Victor to hold a private evening for a Prince who is losing a great amount of money at every club he goes to. When Harry proclaims that he’s going to get married to Nancy VIolette isn’t very happy about it at all – and even Lois has noted that the Princess is acting pretty shifty. She goes to check the registration credentials of the architect and comes up with interesting information

Meanwhile Miss Mardle hands in her notice given his treatment of her in the whole saga. He begs to reconsider, but this time she’s not having it. As Harry spends more time with Nancy she almost confesses the truth to him, but she chickens out at the last minute. He comes back to the store tomorrow morning a happy man and because of Frank telling the store all his staff congratulate him. The Princess gives him paperwork which shows that a Mr Gerard did exist, but that the timelines don’t add up.

In the store two women are caught thieving and George gets socked in the jaw. Mr Crabbe’s utterly furious with Mr Grove for what he’s seen to be the latter’s fault for Miss Mardle’s feelings. Whilst George and Connie start to find romance in the store Gordon is having a worser time of it since Harry forbids his relationship with Grace. Mr Grove goes to Miss Mardle’s house to try to convince her to stay but she’s short with him and tells him that he has to leave. He refuses to leave the house until they part friends but she tells him that it’ll be a long night. However in the Selfridge store Harry manages to rat out Nancy’s brother and have him arrested, but he still has no idea about Nancy itself.

George finds out that the man apparently goes by the name of Augustus Paynton and apparently usually works with his sister. Harry puts two and two together, realising that it’s Nancy – but not after she’s withdrawn all of the money in the account. Mr Grove is still waiting in the Miss Mardle’s house about he finally wears her down and convinces her to stay. In Colleano’s Violette shows up to talk to Victor, and she tells him that she can’t stop thinking about him. He tells her that she can’t belong to his world but she tells him that she can try, that she just wants a chance to become a better person for him. Despite this he says no.

Gordon decides to leave the store in order to be with Grace and Harry goes to the store but finally finds Nancy. She tells him that she ran away with her brother and became a grifter in order to stay alive. He cuts her out completely and banishes her from the store. In a club in London Loxley is still negotiations with another man over the Selfridge shares, telling his client that the Selfridge family is breaking up. Violette tells him that she’s leaving immediately to Paris to marry her French aviator suitor and in despair he goes to Colleano’s to gamble some big money.

Just as the Princess and Sergei are managing to come together with the Selfridges the family breaks up, with both Gordon, Rosalie, his housing project and Nancy completely slipping through his fingers in a matter of hours. Hannah Tointon managed to pull off a wonderful if sad finale to her character’s saga with Victor. Given Mr Selfridge’s vices Nancy was a good representation to this part of his life, even if it was all summed up a little too simply. The Miss Mardle/Mr Grove saga was also finally wrapped up, even if it seemed a little drastic and overblown for Miss Mardle to succumb to Mr Grove after so much water under the bridge. We’re set up with enough shifts in the storytelling landscape to make the return to Season Fur and intriguing on. There might be a lack balance in terms of explicit plot resolution, but the 2013 Gatsby-esque music assures us that the return to Season Four is something to look forward to.


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