Fresh Off the Boat, Season 1 Episode 10 Review: “Blind Spot”

(Beware, spoilers below!)

In the Huang household the family are preparing for the Science Fair, with the projects due on Monday. Meanwhile in restaurant Jessica announces that her old family friend is coming to visit, and everyone seems to be surprised that Louis is okay with him staying. The boys are getting very competitive over the Science Fair and Evan pulls off the best project by a mile. However, the youngest gets chicken pox and Eddie sees an opportunity to get out of the Science Fair.

When Jessica’s ex shows up Louis tells her that the reason he’s not jealous of Oscar is because he’s gay. He tells her that she has the worse blind spot when it comes to gay people and both her and Honey find out that Oscar is in love with her husband. Louis doesn’t believe it until Oscar finally admits that he thought him and Louis were an item for three months.

Eddie gets frustrated that both his brothers caught the chicken pox and he didn’t but it’s clear that his reading up on the chicken pox shows some promise and he finally manages to find something that he can enter into the science fair. Oscar, Louis and Jessica manage a heart to heart where both men admit that Jessica was the hot one and all seems well before Oscar’s big audition: if only we wasn’t coming down with chicken pox…

This week’s episode split the Huang family in two, and this divide was felt rather keenly throughout the episode, with the only thing connecting the boys to their parents being the hilariously depicted chicken pox. I’m pretty sure I’ll imagine those chicken blood cells whenever anyone mentions the pox from now on. If there’s one thing the show hasn’t hit quite right it’s their portrayal of gay people, which has stayed pretty much in the stereotype whenever a gay character has appeared. It’s enough to make me a little uncomfortable and to also point out that in comparison to watching the fun dynamic of their sons it was certainly the weaker of the two storylines. We got to see a more fleshed out portrayal of the two youngest brothers who thus far have been the cute side pairing, and next to Eddie we’re give a chance to see how the relationship between the two youngest and the eldest isn’t necessarily as antagonistic as we might believe. It was both enjoyable and adorable to watch – more of it, please!


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