Modern Family, Season 6 Episode 19 Review: “Grill, Interrupted”

(Beware, spoilers below!)

This week on Modern Family, Jay gets a new grill delivered and Alex gets accepted into Caltech. Meanwhile Cam and Mitch get given a pretty handsome sum from one of Mitch’s dead family members and they decide to buy the flat above with the money. For Jay’s birthday the family converge on the house and though Andy’s planned to talk to Haley about what she said at his bedside, but instead she comes along with her new doctor boyfriend.

When Mitch and Claire talk about the loans that their dad gave them for their downpayments Claire suggests offering the money as a gesture. However what Mitch doesn’t expect is for Jay to take back the money – meanwhile Phil also gives back the money which leaves all four adults arguing about what happened with the money. Meanwhile Andy helps Haley’s new boyfriend write a sweet card but she finally confesses that she didn’t want anything serious with him at all.

All day Alex has been pretty testy about Claire’s overture’s over Caltech and she eventually tells Jay that isn’t because she’s scared of the pressure. He drives out to hear the adults arguing and tells her that he can’t lead the family forever and he knows she’s the one that can do it. Gloria manages to trick the boys for pretending to drink alcohol and snaps a picture to use as leverage should they every try to pull a fast one again.

This week’s episode was utterly jam packed but also funny. It’s always pretty clear that for all of his parenting mistakes Jay knows and understands his kids; this episode is a subtle celebration of it. By bringing the family together sometimes the half hour feels that it’s cramming in almost too much – every single character and then some has something to do. That being said, the balance of the episode is just right to provide both laughs and character development.


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