The Big Bang Theory, Season 8 Episode 19 Review: “The Skywalker Incursion”

(Beware, spoilers below!)

Leonard and Sheldon are going to lecture in UC Berkeley and as can be expected the fun is seeing the duo prepare and get ready for the lecture. We’re treated to the demonstration of Sheldon’s pee preparation kit and the duo’s road trip fun – trust Sheldon to make ‘Play that Funky Music White Boy’ a whole new experience. Since they’re making good time the duo decide to visit Skywalker Ranch.

Meanwhile everyone else is holding a garage sale to help get rid of some of the old items in Howard’s mother’s house. Howard wants to keep his TARDIS but Bernadette wants to sell it. They decide to play ping pong in order to decide its fate, with Penny playing for Bernadette and Raj playing for Howard.

At Skywalker Ranch through a stroke of luck Leonard and Sheldon manage to clear the first gate. At the security checkpoint Sheldon makes a break for it and ends up being tasered instead. At Howard’s house Raj is killing Penny and Bernadette manages to convince him to play badly for Howard. They end up switching players with Howard using ‘power serve’ Amy and Bernadette selects Raj. It ends up being equal but because Raj can’t return Amy’s serve and Amy can only serve it ends up being a complete stalemate.

However, Bernadette convinces Amy to lose the game to have the TARDIS put in her house. Sheldon’s arrest at the Ranch meant the duo missed their lecture and ever though Leonard is pretty snarky about it Sheldon manages to get him to see the bright side. Meanwhile back at Amy’s Sheldon is delighting in the new TARDIS doors – but this isn’t getting him into her bed at all.

We managed to get the best bits of The Big Bang Theory this episode, since the bro fun between Sheldon and Leonard not only displayed the depth of friendship between the two of them but also demonstrated the push and pull which makes it fun. The chock-a-block inclusion of fan references was not one to be missed, and the epic stalemate during the Raj vs Amy failing was shot to great comedic effect. Mayim Bialik and Kunal Nayyar sure knew how to work the physical comedy and this made the resolution all the more worth it: more, please!

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