The Disney Princess Series: Wendy

Wendy, much like Alice, is a much loved classic female Disney Character that has often been put in the spotlight and yet has never been made a part of the Princess pantheon. There are obvious reasons why she is not qualified as a Disney Princess: she’s not a princess or doesn’t become a princess, is a pre teen and doesn’t sing any songs. Once again, her status is very similar to Alice’s but as far as I know she’s never been part of any Disney Princess trial period or any kind of unofficial Disney Princess list.

She has the odd problem of being slightly overshadowed by Tinkerbell in the Peter Pan: she might be the most relatable female character there. She is adventurous and protective, whilst also being probably the most caring forces in the film. Her imagination is shown to be extremely vivid and whilst this doesn’t have a great place in London this is very useful when it comes to Neverland.

Wendy Darling is very much an adorable character, one that is not just an entry point for viewers but who also demonstrates the lessons conveyed in the film: never stop dreaming, always be kind, be brave and care for others. For young girls his makes her a brilliant role model. Her age leaves her out of the bracket for objectification whilst her storyline places her outside the stereotypical princess character progression.

It would be hard to justify Wendy’s inclusion in the Disney Princess franchise considering the many other great Disney Heroines that would fit into a Disney Princess crown before her. However, it is a shame that she is rather forgotten, for her character and personality make her just as worthy a role model for little girls as many of the Disney Princesses.

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