Fresh Off the Boat, Season 1 Episode 11 Review: “Very Superstitious”

(Beware, spoilers below!)

This week in Fresh Off the Boat Jessica has to sell a house whose address is riddled with the number four, a number which is superstitious in the Chinese culture. Meanwhile in the school there is a new councillor who tells Eddie to consider the Class President role, but he finds no luck in getting votes.

Jessica manages to sell the house but when she realises that the cheque number is 4444 she rips up the cheque and tells him to get rid of it. However, Louis tapes up the cheque and buys a mechanical bull. Eddie trips over the chord to the bull and injures his arm. When Louis tells the boys not to tell mum since it’s a white lie he gets it in his head to lie in order to win Class President.

Eddie’s tall story gets child protective services coming and the real truth comes out. When Jessica demonstrates how Louis succumbs to superstition too the family get Grandma to perform a ritual in order to finally rid them of the bad luck

This week’s Fresh Off the Boat has officially cemented Evan as the most adorable character on the show whilst demonstrating how its ability to pull off realistic and yet funny gags is still as fresh as it was at the beginning. It’s major charm is the idea that not everything has to be resolved: Eddie might have won Class President on the back of a fib but that doesn’t mean everyone finds out and he gets his just desserts. Even Mitch got some great fun to do this week outside of being Louis’ number one guy and instead of basking in the glory of Scottie Pippen’s cameo they made him the butt of some funny jokes. My favourite moments of the week? The garbage man informing us about Chinese superstition and the very spiritual Grandma basking in incense … only for it to be revealed that she’s on the toilet.

I also didn’t know Air Pippens were a real thing. My world is enlightened.


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