Fresh Off the Boat, Season 1 Episode 12 Review: “Dribbling Tiger, Bounce Pass Dragon”

(Beware, spoilers below!)

In Fresh Off the Boat the Huang parents are in trouble for not volunteering to help the school with the after-school programs.

Jessica ends up leading the school play and Louis ends up coaching the basketball team because he used to play semi-pro in Taiwan.

Jessica is appalled because the play is in utter chaos and in the basketball practice it doesn’t end up much different. Louis sees that the boys let star player Dimitry take it all on his own.

Jessica has rewritten the school play in order to teach the boys some lessons about teamwork. In practice Louis manages to hurt Dimitry for the rest of the season so he uses the opportunity to try and teach time about teamwork in order to win. Predictably, the boys lose.

However at half time Eddie fires up the team to take out the opposing team’s Dimitry equivalent. They ended up setting the record for the most fouls and Louis gets Jessica the little pony she always wanted.

This week on Fresh Off the Boat the show manages to touch on the nature of parenting whilst displaying Constance Wu and Randall Park’s great capacity for physical comedy. Much as been made of the Eddie Huang’s displeasure with the show but the fun lesson-conveyance of this episode displays both its popularity and why its important as a family show which just happens to be played by Asian-Americans. Let’s face it, the Huangs are not alone in their dilemma of wanting their children to do well and its satisfying that by the end of the episode both parents have found some kind of resolution, even if it wasn’t the one we expected.

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