The Flash, Season 1 Episode 18 Review: “All-Star Team Up”

(Beware, spoilers below!)

This week on The Flash we dive in as Joe and Eddie go after the cops with the help of Barry. It’s clear that Eddie’s a tad put out about how useful Barry is and how close he is with Joe. Meanwhile in a parking lot a professor is murdered by a load of honey bees. After some investigation it turns out the bees are metahuman controlled – but that’s not the only thing the team have on their hands because Felicity and Ray show up.

Ray wants some help to look at his suit and at first Barry is a little hesitant because of all they have going on. In the CCPD Eddie’s having some trouble because Iris knows Eddie is keeping secrets and it’s affecting their relationship. Felicity knows that something is up with Barry but Eddie shows up because of his stress over Iris. By way of a resolution Felicity suggests a big dinner date.

Back in the labs Cisco has a flash to his alternate past where Dr Wells killed him. However another bee attack has the team all caught up. When Barry rushes to the scene he appears to be too late, but then a massive swarm of bees shows up and stings him until he goes into cardiac arrest. The team just about manages to save him by Barry’s gets a little afraid about the fact Cisco accidentally led him the wrong way.

When Cisco pops to the CCPD Joe gives him the file about the latest victim but that’s not why he’s here. He’s worried that Barry hasn’t been himself lately but Joe manages to brush it off though Cisco has another flashback to his alternate past. At their fancy dinner the conversation gets extremely awkward, from Barry getting awkward about Harrison Wells to Iris dropping hints about their relationship. When Barry walks out he finally confesses everything to Felicity whilst Iris walks out on Eddie.

Just the there’s an emergency in Star Labs because the bee showed up. Turns out the bee isn’t actually a bee: it’s a robot, and the camera on it can see everything. It turns out that all of the scientists worked at Mercury Labs. She leads them onto Brie Larven, but refuses their offer of help. In the cafe Felicity tells Barry that he needs to let his friends have his back. When Barry gets back home Iris asks if Eddie is cheating on her, because she doesn’t know what else he could be hiding. He tells her that Eddie is out on the front lines and his work is so dark sometimes that he might not be talking to her so he can keep her in the light.

Meanwhile the bee swarm is going after its next victim. The defibrillator in Barry’s suit is down, so he teams up with Ray in order to solve the case. Rays misdirection manages to save Dr McGee and Barry shows up at Brie’s hideout but she unleashes yet more bees on him. Ray goes into the water in order to fry the bees and Felicity wins her tech war against Brie in order to disable the bees in the warehouse. However one bee in Ray’s suit manages to sting Cisco and Barry rushes over in time to resuscitate him.

In the CCPD Dr McGee goes into apologise and Barry takes the opportunity to ask about what happened between her and Dr Wells. She tells him that after the car crash fifteen years ago Dr Wells became a completely different person, and that set them apart. Barry finally says farewell to Felicity and Ray whilst Iris goes to visit Eddie. Iris says she wants him to tell her everything, or things will end between them. In the evening Barry and Joe tell Cisco and Caitlin about the case against Dr Wells. Caitlin doesn’t believe them but Cisco tells them about his ‘dreams’ about the Reverse Flash and Dr Wells.

This episode of The Flash was most significant for showcasing the possibilities between Ray and Barry; and it turns out that Ray was just as fun a guest star on the show as Felicity is. With the Ray/Cisco bromance developing it was also a change for Cisco to step into the spotlight again as he puts the pieces of the puzzle together. The openness of secret identities between the gang at S.T.A.R. Labs was a contrast to the turmoil felt in Barry’s private life. It also addressed how ‘we need to Iris safe’ isn’t really much of an excuse any more. We get that Joe is a protective Papa Bear, but Iris has been in on the game for a long time without even knowing it and we can see how this will kick of a centuries-long feud between The Flash and the Thawnes. Eddie’s a nice guy, but his relationship with Iris is based on fairly straight-laced heroism, not this mask-and-suits business. Amidst all this it’s pretty obvious how the Bug-Eyed Bandit was not much more than another shrug of the shoulders. We needed a villain to bring the crew together and heighten tension, and we got one. The Flash/Atom team up were the stars of the episode this time round – that and Felicity’s quips. We do love Felicity’s quips.

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