The Flash, Season 1 Episode 20 Review: “The Trap”

(Beware, spoilers below!)

As we return once more to The Flash the whole gang that’s privy to the Harrison Wells theory discuss the investigation. Cisco and Joe are going to to Starling City to learn more about the car crash which changed him, but Caitlin’s still unhappy about the whole thing.

In the CCPD precinct a woman is questioned about stealing jewellery but it seems pretty clear that it can’t have been her. Iris shows up which leads to another tense conversation between her and Eddie. He says that he’s sick of lying to Iris. At the lab Barry is trying to convince Caitlin, but she says she won’t do it without concrete proof. Eddie gets Barry to help the jewellery thief – but it proves hard when it turns out the metahuman can shapeshift into anyone they touch.

Captain Lance gives Joe and Cisco some information on the car crash in Starling City. When Laurel shows up she asks Cisco for his help. She tells him that she’s the Black Canary and she would like some modifications on her sister’s sonic device. At Dr Wells’ house he’s standing up like his normal self and then Caitlin shows up. Barry shows up and stops her from asking him questions. She tells him that if Barry’s right everything she’s ever done in S.T.A.R. Labs would have been a lie but he begs her to hold on until Joe and Cisco return.

Eddie and Barry go to check out Hannibal Bates’ grandmother’s house, where it turns out that the perp has been impersonating his grandmother. Unfortunately he impersonates Eddie as well and shoots two cops. Barry tries to get Eddie out with his superspeed but the cop convinces him to get him out the right way. However this is easier said than done because the shapeshifter shows up at the house and takes his place. Near the crash site in Starling City Cisco manages to find some tachyon particles which leads to the discovery of a body. Lance is about to call it in but Joe begs him not to.

At S.T.A.R. Labs fake Barry kisses Caitlin after she explains the potential serum which could help capture the metahuman. Iris shows up: she’s done a little digging of her own and has figured out that the perp is left handed: which is all it takes for Dr Wells to tase him. Caitlin and Iris are about to take him but he morphs into a little girl in the car, and causes enough of a fuss for some misunderstanding builders to let her go. In Starling City Cisco gives her the modified sonic device which he dubs the ‘Canary Cry’.

Back in Central City Caitlin frees Barry and gives him the serum to take out the perp. In the CCPD he manages to exonerate Eddie, who admits to Iris that he’s been working with The Flash. He shows her the remains of the real Harrison Wells – who shows up at the precinct. The doctor talks about the loss of Joe’s wife as well as his own, saying they should catch up sometime. Back at the labs, Cisco discovers a room that shouldn’t be there and they discover the doctor’s secret hideout: complete with yellow suit and future newspaper headline.

This episode of The Flash made huge headway with the crew’s investigation into Harrison Wells and the revealing of his true identity to them. The addition of the shapeshifting superhero also made for fun play and a cool way to get the girls of the show to kick some ass, something that’s so far between limited to the boys. By contrast the foray into Central City did more than just uncover Dr Wells’ body, but also allowed for some nice crossover bonding with the two father figures of Joe and Lance whilst once again we saw Cisco display his ability with sound that has all the marks of pushing him as Vibe one day. The buddy cop investigations of Eddie and Barry also enabled us to see the positive dynamic between the duo which hasn’t been showcased much at all – it’s a shame we know it’s all going to go south one day.


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