The Disney Princess Series: Marian Review

We’re going into full non-human territory as I look take a peek at another of Disney’s princess-like characters. In the Disney adaptation of Robin Hood, Maid Marian is a fox. For those of your who haven’t seen the film, this statement might sound a little strange, but no more so than the fact the rest of the characters are also anthropomorphic animals.

Animal quality aside, Marian is shown to perfectly slot into the ideals of the Disney Princess world. She has her own song, dresses in beautiful flowing dresses, and is shown to display courage in the face of Prince John. Marian has more of the traits of the older princesses, she serves as a love interest for Robin and thinks about his well-being, wether he cares for her and so on.

I think this is why for many she is a forgettable character. We can discuss the actually popularity of her for ages – I personally like it, but it wouldn’t register on the average person’s radar – but aside from that she’s not much more than an animal version of Snow White or Aurora (though she is slightly more active than the two). It therefore is understandable why Disney would not choose to include her in the princess series since aside from her animal appearance she’s not a breakout character. After all, she’s described as being ‘nice’.

This makes it easy for her to get lost amongst the Disney Characters which means that though Marian isn’t completely forgotten, she’s not front and centre as one of the great Disney ladies.


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