Modern Family, Season 6 Episode 21 Review: “Integrity”

(Beware, spoilers below!)

This week on Modern Family Jay is nervous about how Joe is being treated whilst Phil is finally getting a Ms Pac Man. It’s awards day so Alex is having a great day whilst Mitchell and Cam are both planning on getting another child but aren’t yet willing to confess it to one another.

Haley is having a tough time with her boss so Gloria steals his plant. Claire gets a boy booked with a ticket so that Luke can finally be up for an award. Meanwhile Jay and Phil bond over the fact that they have to roll over for their wife and Jay ends up buying a Ms Pac Man for Phil so the latter ends up inadvertently smashing the Princess Castle.

Cam and Mitch find Joe is being a handful so decide to think about the fact that they should get another child. Gloria manages to threaten Haley’s boss so that he’s kind to her whilst Luke confesses that he’s sparing Manny’s feelings over the girl who hit on him.

This episode managed to utilise every one of its characters to varying degrees, though the extent to which the entire episode was successful is debatable. Whilst the set ups showed promise some of the greater topics – Claire going whole hog to get Luke the award or the gender confusion issues at the beginning were not as explored as they could have been, which was certainly a little disappointing. The biggest winner was the scene with Alex at the end, since we got to see her in her forte for once instead of being the oddball of the family. All in all, the episode was charming enough to be enjoyed but felt incomplete for all the missed chances for further development.

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