Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Season 2 Episode 21 Review: “Det. Dave Majors”

(Beware, spoilers below!)

This week on the Nine-Nine Dave Majors, the best detective in the NYPD ends up working with Jake and Amy whilst Terry called up a recruiter from a security firm which leads to the team panicking. He gets a great deal from the man and Boyle and Gina aren’t happy when it seems he really might go. Jake manages to hit it off with Majors and ends up being invited to a drink with him but Jake gets a surprise when Majors reveals he wants to ask Amy out when the case ends.

Jake’s put out because he still likes Amy and Rosa tells him to make a move. He’s about to ask her out but keeps being interrupted, whilst Gina and Boyle try to butter Terry up and it works until Holt gets him to digitise his files by nine in the morning. Jake is once again trying to ask her out but he figures out the case that feels that he’s too late. Rose tells him to go and bust up Amy’s date. Without the password he can’t get into the club normally and when he breaks in at the back he just ends up being thrown out.

In the morning Majors tell Jake that he was turned down by Amy. He goes to ask her what happened and she tells him she doesn’t want to date any cops because of the potential awkwardness. Jake awkwardly walks away whilst we see Amy do her double hair tuck – there’s still hope for the duo after all!

This week’s episode introduced an interesting and funny character in Majors; the actual cool cop to Jake’s excitable idolisation. However the centre of the episode was the Jamy, showing how both detectives are their own worst enemies when it comes to obstacles in the way of their being together. Rosa had some great one liners which show why she’s such an odd and likeable character whilst we got the Boyle/Gina vs Holt face off when it came to keeping Terry. It showed the contrast in their personalities; Boyle and Gina are outspoken, heart on sleeve exuberant whilst Holt is much more subtle in his actions. But as this episode proved, this doesn’t mean that he doesn’t know what he’s doing. Now, does anyone want to change the informal hotness rating system to ‘from Charles to Terry’?


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