The Big Bang Theory, Season 8 Episode 24 Review: “The Commitment Determination”

(Beware, spoilers below!)

It’s time, folks. The season finale of The Big Bang Theory is here and we begin watching Amy and Sheldon ‘make out’ on a couch. It’s been five years since their first date but his mind is more concerned as to if he should start watching The Flash. Amy gets upset because he’s fixated on a show and not their relationship. Meanwhile Raj and Emily are hanging out at the comic book store as he realises that they’re kind of different. Penny and Leonard come back home to a stressed Sheldon over the situation with Amy. Penny tries to spell it out for Sheldon, but its harder than it seems.

Raj goes to discuss the problem of Emily with Howard and Bernadette. He confesses that he doesn’t want to say anything because he doesn’t want to end up alone and he wonders if he should break up with Emily. In the flat Penny talks to Sheldon about how Amy still isn’t speaking to the latter and Sheldon raises the issue of relationship speed with Penny and Leonard. This obviously hits a nerve with the couple.

Bernadette and Howard discuss how they should tell Stuart to move out and they resolve to do it when he gets home. Back at the flat Penny and Leonard discuss how they still haven’t gotten married yet and they begin to ‘discuss’ the wedding. In the graveyard Emily and Raj awkwardly talk and it’s clear that he’s extremely uncomfortable. Sheldon keeps on digging the ‘wedding date’ hole and Penny suggests that they get married tonight in Vegas.

Back in Howard’s home they’re about to throw out Stuart when he comes back having bought them some groceries. Furthermore, its revealed it’s his birthday! In the graveyard Raj tells Emily he loves her because he can’t stomach breaking up with her. Bernadette and Howard blow out birthday candles with Stuart. In the car to Vegas Leonard confesses to Penny that on his research trip to Antarctica he kissed a girl. This upsets Penny but she’s still ‘happy’ to get married.

In the flat Sheldon video calls Amy and she decides to take some time out from their relationship. It’s revealed that he was about to propose!

The season finale of the show was actually pretty light on comedy by delving into the tensions with all the relationships in the show. By delving I mean that no one character was left unscathed. We addressed the fact that however cute Leonard and Penny at they obviously have convoluted issues in their relationship that goes beyond whether or not they finally tie the knot. Raj and Emily had a more clear cut issue which was made difficult that even beside all his neediness he’s just a sweetie at heart. By contrast Amy was the character that was willing to take the plunge and rip off the band aid. Whilst all the other characters struggled with not being able to say something she actually made a definite decision. It’s a testament to Jim Parson’s compelling portrayal of Sheldon at despite the fact he totally deserved the backlash from Amy you couldn’t help but feel incredibly sorry for him as he got on that engagement ring. We know how hard progress is for him and right now, Gollum’s the only one around to listen. With cliffhangers galore and arguably more effecting bombshells than last season’s cliffhanger you can’t help but get excited for next season. The stakes are high people, I for one will use the inter-season break to get emotionally prepared for the show’s return.


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