Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Season 2 Episode 22 Review: “The Chopper”

(Beware, spoilers below!)

This week on Brooklyn Nine-Nine Jake is excited because he think he has a new and exciting lead for a case. However Captain Holt tells Jake not to get ahead of himself. Meanwhile Terry asks the gang to be good as a pre-school trip is coming and he wants to get his twins into the school. When the case starts getting big Jake doesn’t want Wunch to give the case to Major Crimes.

However to Holt’s surprise she lets them keep the case and lets them have anything they want. The Captain joins the case because he’s suspicious of Wunch’s motives. As the school trip progresses things seem to be going well until Amy is put in charge of the kids and things get awkward. Rosa starts to show them dead bodies and it all goes wrong until Terry manages to convince the teacher that it went well after all.

Jake takes advantage of Wunch’s proposal to a get a chopper, but Holt just gets unhappy because if they fail things will just look even worse. The case takes a turn for the worse when one of their suspects gets away, but it all goes well. Jake and the team solve the case; it turns out Wunch wanted him to succeed so she could promote him to a desk job. It seems he’ll be leaving the precinct!

Given that this episode was a set up for the season finale not too much was set up aside from the Captain’s departure which presents decent opportunity for some decent ground to be covered in the finale. The Terry storyline was a charming but forgettable storyline that mainly just emphasised what we already knew about the characters. Given that we see how Holt and Jake’s relationship has moved on to a more endearing father/son dynamic the new set up could both come to something and yet if handled wrong could fall on its face. Fingers crossed that the show manages to pull a great one out of the bag.


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