The Flash, Season 1 Episode 22 Review: “Rogue Air”

(Beware, spoilers below!)

In the penultimate episode of the first season of The Flash we begin as Wells tells Eddie how he will take back everything that was taken from him. In the cafe Iris is still admitting Eddie’s absence and Barry swears once again he won’t let Wells take Eddie away. Cisco calls in Barry because he’s started messing around with the wheelchair and found a powerhouse energy source in the chair. He believes this helps Wells’ powerhimself. Just then the reactor comes back up and the team realises that Wells’ has been in the Labs the whole time. The Reverse Flash emerges and the prisoners release system is activated. Peek-a-Boo gets out, traps Cisco and Joe, and is about to take out Caitlin too before Iris arrives just in time to knock the perp out. Luckily Eddie’s calls alert the team to his whereabouts and he’s finally released – but not before Iris finds the engagement ring.

Wells is still too fast for Barry but Eddie is able to give the odd lead for the team. In the Labs they find the tube Eddie mentioned but they realise that the prisoners downstairs are in danger. Barry proposes moving them to Oliver’s prison and Joe’s a little nervous about it. In the CCPD Joe calls the DA to ask for a favour, a route cleared through town so the prisoners can be moved, but she refuses. In a bar Captain Cold orders a drink and Barry shows up to ask for his help. Cold doesn’t want to help but with the city at risk he’s willing to budge, for a price. Eddie is back at the CCPD and Iris knows that some distance is between them. He admits that he was shown the future where Iris and Barry gets married.

Cold shows up at the lab asking for all his records completely destroyed. In exchange he’ll help. Barry’s willing to help and Joe’s not too happy about it. Barry’s frustrated because he’s too slow in comparison to Wells. He dumps it all at Snart’s feet and a gold gun blasts it, revealing Lisa Snart is helping too. She flirts with Cisco but he’s not having it … just about. He’s also rigged up a truck which can transport the metahumans and with the metahumans tranquillised the procession is a go. Barry’s speed helps to clear a route through the city whilst in the truck the metahumans wake up. The truck lands at Ferris Airfield (where one of their test pilots disappeared – hint, hint? HINT?!) as the plane from ARGUS eventually appears. However unbeknownst to them the dampers in the truck are failing – and the bad guys’ powers are back. The perps bustĀ themselves free and the two teams battle against one another.

Snart lets the remaining perps go and reveals that he sabotaged the truck so that the metas could owe him. He tells Barry that the plan going south is all on him and a dejected Barry sits unhappily in the Labs afterwards but Joe tells him that he’s not the Arrow. However a heartfelt chat with Joe is short lived as the particle accelerator comes online. At the CCPD Iris tries to fight for Eddie but he says that he needs it to end because from the beginning Barry’s always been the third person in the relationship. Wells shows up at S.T.A.R. Labs and Barry goes out to confront him. He tells Barry that he’s only done as much as he needs to do and he invites Barry to come inside to see what will happen with the particle accelerator. Barry refuses and both Oliver and Ronnie show up to help. The Arrow and the Reverse Flash battle hand to hand until the team manage to finally take the Doctor down.

This episode was team up city, with the much hyped mini JL team up taking place far later in the game than expected and also after Barry was given some nice if slightly quickfire character development. The more low-key and yet unexpectedly interesting moments of the episode was also in the Iris/Eddie relationship; whilst many (myself included) have found reasons this season to find their storyline tiring it gave us a chance to explore the nature of knowing or changing time, something which I’m sure we’ll touch on next episode. Even though Iris is not at all physically gung-ho or super powered her determination and perception fused well her caring character which finally helped her reach a greater level of development. I hope things keep going this well for her (at least character-wise) next season. This episode also dropped plenty of hints for the future, future Rogues, future team ups, even future Green Lantern possibilities (!!). As set ups for season finales go it might have been just another connecting piece in the puzzle but it did a lot to keep us interested.


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