Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Season 2 Episode 23 Review: “Johnny and Dora”

(Beware, spoilers below!)

In the season finale of Brooklyn Nine-Nine Jake and Amy has to work together in a team whilst Captain Holt breaks it to Gina and Terry for help to find an incriminating letter in order to help defer his leaving the Nine-Nine. Meanwhile it’s Gina’s birthday and Boyle tries to bring her to a surprise party.

When Jake and Amy has to pretend their and engaged it gets awkward and end up kissing in order to keep their cover. Meanwhile Captain Holt pulls his threat over Wunch but she says it not that simple. He gives her a day to sort it out. Roa’s private party turns out to be a one on one party by Marcus which Boyle was really pleased about it. When Wunch manages to threaten Holt with the time it will take to authenticate the letter she will dismantle the entire team. Defeated, the Captain gives in whilst Jake and Amy finally give in to their emotions and make-out.

This episode was all about Jake and Amy, whilst giving hope to the inevitable departure of Captain Holt. On a more subtle note, there is also the possible suggestion of Boyle and Rosa. The final coupling hasn’t been broached since last season but it figures that he’s the one to help Marcus plan the best surprise party for her ever. The episode manages to set the right tone before the shift of Holt’s departure. It sets up enough to please the fans yet have use anxious over how it will all play out. Sure, Jake and Amy kissed, but they’ve been interrupted before they can determine what it means. Through both big and small there are enough seeds sown to feel like we made good headway in these twenty minutes whilst also helping us look forward to season three. Man, I miss Holt already.


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