The Disney Princess Series: Perdita Review

From one dog to another, we touch on everyone’s female dalmatian in Perdita, co-hero of the classic 101 Dalmatians in 1961. Whilst Roger and Anita are the loving human owners of the adult dalmatians, Perdita stands hip to hip with Pongo in terms of her action in the film.

Though presented as a partner and a female version of Pongo, in reality without her the film’s plot wouldn’t exist. She makes the decisions with Pongo, and assumes the classic role of the mother figure in the film. There are similarities between Perdita and Lady in terms of their observant, caring nature. Both dogs are elegant and proper, most likely stemming from what was expected from women at the time.

Nevertheless, she assumes the role of the heroic mother figure, willing to go the distance for her children. As the film’s plot requires, Perdita is the classic Disney 60s heroine, not groundbreaking for today’s audience but provides a great look into feminine expectation and the recognition of female strength.

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