The Disney Princess Series: Boo Review

If I’m being honest, you might not think there’s much you can say about a child whose only words in a film include ‘Kitty’. However, though Boo is not much more than a catalyst for change and adventure in Monsters Inc., she lives the dream of many children.

How many of us dreamed of finding a way into a another land beyond the cupboard door? How many of us looked around curiously at night, wondering if there was a secret Narnia we were just missing? Boo is a sweet child when thrust into this situation. She’s the monster that Sully and Mike have been told about, and its a testament to Pixar’s skill that we see the film through the monsters’ eyes rather than the child’s. When Boo finally emerges, the audience is placed in a unique and hilarious position.

I’m aware that some fans have clamoured for some kind of Monsters Inc. sequel where we get to see Boo in her older years, a kind of second Toy Story (as per the growth of Andy), if you will. I’d argue that this wouldn’t be the best move. Monsters’ Inc. is a film hinging on childhood innocence and pure affection. I would worry that we would just see another saga of the growth up Boo slowly becoming disenchanted only to like the monsters’ again: not exactly an inspired plot. Besides, I’d like to never learn Boo’s real name.

The ending of Monsters’ Inc, with the word ‘Kitty’ said to Sully’s smiling face, is perfect. I’d even go so far to say that it’s possibly one of my favourite endings of any film. Boo is a timeless and innocent character, one that incapsulates the best in all of us.


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