Pilot Season Showdown: Moonbeam City, Episode 1 Review

(Beware, spoilers below!)

In a flurry of neon lights and fast-talking jokes Moonbeam City hits Comedy Central. It tells the story of incompetent and hilarious cop Dazzle Novak. The show is full of 80s jokes, flying skittles and strategically placed frosting.

The animation isn’t particularly fantastic, but as its purpose is to recall the style of 80s animation, this isn’t something that’s a large complaint. As for the characters, the pilot sets up the relationships between them both, Pizzazz is Dazzle’s long-suffering boss, Rad is Dazzle’s main rial and Chrysalis seems to be the only same person in the room. So far, so simple.

In a show that features such lines as “I hope you’re a panda, because you’re going to eat bamboo,” this a show running in the footsteps of other great comedy animations like Archer. What dazzles me most (no pun intended, seriously) is the technicolor animation and the self-aware jokes that at least means I’ll catch the next episode before deciding if it’s really worth keeping on.

All in all, Moonbeam City is alright, but lets hope that US Pilot season will be able to offer us much better.

3/5 = ‘Give it another shot next week.’


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