The Disney Princess Series: Honey Lemon Review

The star of Big Hero 6 might have been cuddly robot Baymax, but we got some kick-ass first ladies from the film in the for of Go-go Tomago and Honey Lemon. A fair bit’s been made about how drastically the characters have been changed from the original comics, where Honey Lemon was quite the ass-kicking heroine. But let’s remember that this is Disney, that they needed to make the film family-friendly and things were bound to change.

With that out of the way, Honey Lemon has pride of place with Go-go as one of the cooler Disney heroines to appear in a while. She is an intelligent young woman with her own invention (the purse with explosive balls) who does her own thing. She’s kind, caring and energetic, always looking out for her friends and Hiro.

The contrast between her and Go-go shines a positive light on how heroines don’t need to fit into a single mould of what’s cool or attractive. She might have a Rapunzel-esque look but she cares more about the good work she does, and enjoying herself.

Big Hero 6 is an interesting Disney film for championing different ideals than the ones most Disney films do. These aren’t perfect humans, these are hard working students striving to make a difference. For that the film is already a positive step for the company. This is also encapsulated in the way they’ve depicted women in the film, from Hiro’s aunt to the female team members. Honey Lemon is fun and positive role model to show girls that being smart is cool, and that the days when we sat around to wait for our prince to come are truly dead in the water. Keep on being fabulous Honey Lemon. We love it.


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