Pilot Season Showdown: Blindspot, Episode 1 Review

(Beware, spoilers below!)

What would you do if you found a bag with a living woman inside? Blindspot has us testing that out, as Jaimie Alexander takes the lead role as a woman who wakes up in New York covered in tattoos and with idea who she is. After the initial reveal the viewer is introduced to FBI Agent Kurt Weller… the agent who has his name tattooed on the back of this mysterious woman.

This Jane Doe has no memory of anything – not who she is, what her tattoos mean or what the motive is. The lady is put up in protective custody and as they follow each clue bit by bit they struggle to piece together bits of her life. It sends the FBI team on a run around New York as they solve the mystery of the tattoos on her body and she recovers bits of her memory. Is she a Special Ops Navy Seal? Who’s the mysterious guy that trained her?

Blindspot is potentially compelling TV. There’s no jawdrop moment that makes you itch for the next episode, but for the right person, you might just want to see what happens next. The problem is that to a certain extent, the crime drama via tattoos premise takes itself too seriously. A slightly zany show that is self aware can transform it from being silly to at least great fun. Blindspot doesn’t have that luxury, and I’m not sure that I want to follow the tattoos every week until we find out what happened to Jane. I almost feel a little cruel for saying that, as Jaimie Alexander gives it her all as the mysterious woman, and I’d recommend anyone to watch the pilot just to appreciate her acting chops.

Could it be good? It could – the first ten minutes or so were well done and if the rest of the pilot had gone better I would suggest a higher rating. For now…

3/5 = “‘Give it another shot next week.’


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