Pilot Season Showdown: Life in Pieces, Episode 1 Review

(Beware, spoilers below!)

Even from the title card of Life in Pieces I feel like I’m watching Modern Family 2.0. There’s the son with a dating troubles, the other son with a newborn baby, the overly friendly parents trying to manage three children. We’re given an insight into the little things that happen to these sub units, and it all ties together at the end.

Unfortunately for Life in Pieces it doesn’t have anything new to add, nor is it particularly funny or profound. Even though each little section means that we don’t have to see all of the characters if there are bits we find odd, it also means that as a coherent whole, its a little muddled. Because we don’t see many of the characters interact nor is there a lot of charm in each story being told, the show struggles to grab, and that in itself is a shame given the show’s stellar cast.

I daresay that if Modern Family hadn’t mastered the act of character – or should I say family – juggling so well, Life in Pieces might be getting a better reception, but as it is, unless the show manages to build on its premise fantastically, this isn’t one to get excited about.

2/5 – ‘If it grabs you, it grabs you… but if you’re short on time, don’t waste your minutes on this.’


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