Pilot Season Showdown: Minority Report, Episode 1 Review

(Beware, spoilers below!)

Just another of the TV shows based off a film, Minority Report appears again in TV form as another procedural. Set in the future, the show follows one of the twins of PreCrime who tries to use the skills he has to solve murders. When Dash is unable to stop another murder he tips of Detective Vega she eventually finds him and they join forces to stop crimes before they happen again.

Given that Minority Report is such a beloved (if underrated) Spielberg film, one would hope that the TV follow-up helps to do the film justice. The casting is fairly solid, but the pieces of the show don’t add up. The futuristic setting gives design plenty to play with, and it’s a delight to watch. From the 75th season of The Simpsons to Iggy Azealia being a classic, the change in building design and fashion trends is fascinating. I can’t wait for healthy fries and the chance to wear leather everywhere. However – when the pilot’s best villain is a pigeon controlling man and the two protagonists are dancing on tenterhooks around the effectiveness of pre-crime, the whole world starts to fall apart.

There are some relevant moral questions to raise eyebrows, and part of me almost wants to see a show based around Dash’s twin brother, who uses his pre-cog skills to make lots of money on the black market. If you had an ability like that, what would you do? Who would you be up against? Where is the line drawn? The pilot doesn’t delve as deep into these questions as it should, and that’s a shame as it would have given the show more depth and much more to draw the audience in further along. Even the prospect of the pre-cogs being taken away isn’t the shock it should be because the world of the show is rather piecemeal. Vega lost her dad and now wants to trust the pre-cog. The pre-cog knows his visions can be wrong and tells Vega so but she acts on them anyway. There are too many holes to fill that could have made for good drama instead if the show writers chose to explore them.

For a show with such a fascinating landscape, I’m loth to condemn it… but nothing is perfect. The moment I hear Minority Report is picking up steam again, I’ll give it another shot.

2/5 – ‘If it grabs you, it grabs you… but if you’re short on time, don’t waste your minutes on this.’

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