Pilot Season Showdown: The Muppets, Episode 1 Review

(Beware, spoilers below!)

More Muppets? That always sounds good. In a documentary style we follow the lives of The Muppets, as the team are working on Miss Piggy’s talk show. She asks for demands like regular trash over her normal trash and generally drives her ex Kermit crazy. The show touches on the struggles behind maintaining the show, such as coming up with awkward sketches and bust ups between celebrities. Fozzie Bear goes to meet his girlfriend’s parents, who spews out bear-ist comments such as if he’ll root through their trash.

The show is cute and funny, but there are moments when it feels like The Muppets is never fully following through with its promise. For every funny joke there’s a moment which feels a little damp, like the awkward jokes traded between Elizabeth Banks and Miss Piggy, or exactly how the showrunners decided to utilise Imagine Dragons. It’s a shame, because there are plenty of moments when you’re happy to see the zany puppets back on screen again… before it loses itself halfway in.

3/5 = ‘Give it another shot next week.’

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