The Disney Princess Series: Go-Go Tomago Review

The second half of the Big Hero 6 power duet that is Go-Go Tomago and Honey Lemon, the former is a smart, sassy and straight-talking girl who moonlights as a speed skater in the team. As an opposite to Honey Lemon she’s sarcastic, dedicated and fast moving. Her protective nature makes her both an asset to the team and as a friend.

In the film she fills the role of the smart and silent male stereotype, and shows her leadership abilities several times in the film, using her judgement to make calls in tight situations. She’s a character standing against the stereotyped tall leggy girl that appears in comics. She’s not some dolled up female, nor does she speak with an adorable accent; Go-go is smart, just like the rest of the team.

One of the great things about Big Hero 6 is that it emphasises that as a team, they’re complete – no-one is optimal without the other. Go-go is a strong and inspirational character both on her own and with the way she interacts with the others. She’s just another great role model from the film, one which I hope Disney will give more airtime in their merchandise.


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