Pilot Season Showdown: Heroes Reborn, Episode 1 Review

Heroes is finally back in this new world, this new time where people with abilities are regulated and forced into hiding. HRG is back, as the town of Odessa is bombed at an EVO peace event. A year later, June 13th is remembered as a horrific day. In Canada, an invisible man is on the run. In China, a Chinese man flies away to escape. Powers are not all its cracked up to be.

A year later in in Chicago a group of people are trying to find a solution to the widespread panic. HRG is now now a car salesman, with no memory of what’s happened before. In Japan, a girl wields a sword to travel into a video game and a gun toting couple goes round killing EVOs after their son’s death in the terrorist attack. A mysterious man tries to protect an young man struggling with powers and high school. Remember Molly Walker from the first series? She’s all grown up now, and HRG needs her to help solve the puzzle that’s rapidly unfolding in order to figure what new danger lurks on the horizon for the new heroes.

In the two hour pilot the show manages to cram in a lot, which will entice people on various levels dependent on who dedicated they were to the first show. The possible return of fan favourites such as Hiro and the mystery behind HRG manages to float the episode, whilst cool new EVOs Tommy and Miko display cool new power that whilst unexplored, take us back to the old glory days of the show. Is this Heroes 2.0, fresh out of the box? Not quite, but it’s attempting to keep pace in this new power saturated TV world of ours, and if the segregational premise sounds a little too much like X-Men – well, we can’t be completely original all the time. For those willing to sit it out, Heroes Reborn can be rewarding, but if you haven’t caught onto the show within the first forty minutes or so, it probably isn’t for you.

4/5 = ‘Possibly promising, enough to make me look forward to an upcoming season’


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