Pilot Season Showdown: Quantico, Episode 1 Review

(Beware, spoilers below!)

New show Quantico follows the progress of various characters in FBI’s elusive academy. Nine months on from orientation we find out that there is an explosion in Grand Central Station, and we switch between the two storylines throughout the episode.

The new recruits need to find out a secret missing from another student, but it takes a horrific turn when Elder Eric kills himself when he fears his secret is about to be released. In the present day Alex thinks back on her old memories in order to try and figure out who was the bomber.

Forty minutes flashes by with twists and turns for almost every character. Alex’s father turns out to be an FBI agent, Boothe turns out to be an actual agent in disguise, Nimah has a twin and both are doubling up in the academy.

The fast paced and fun pilot is one of the most interesting that has popped up this series. As a Grey’s Anatomy version of a spy show, Quantico’s diversity and big whodunnit question manages to push it ahead of the plot. For a pilot setting up new characters, this is how it should be done.

With many questions unanswered and compelling leads, it’ll be sure to see how it pans out next week.

4/5 = ‘Possibly promising, enough to make me look forward to an upcoming season’


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