Gotham, Season 2 Episode 2 Review: ‘Rise of the Villains: Knock, Knock’

(Beware, spoilers below!)

In the newest episode of Gotham we start off with our newest villain threatening Gotham’s mayor into pretending he’s run off. People are falling from rooftops thanks to Jerome and the other escaped inmates pushing them off to make headlines. Jim’s put in charge of the case to find the criminals, but we’re yet to see Barbara play her part.

Under Wayne Mansion Bruce wants to turn on his fathers’ computer to find out what had really been going on. Alfred smashes the compute because he doesn’t want Bruce to suffer whatever fate occurred to his father, but Bruce fires him for his actions.

As the convicts battle it out to find out who’s in charge Jim doesn’t manage to get Harvey to come back to the force. The criminals decide to take a bus of cheerleaders hostage but Jim manages to save the day. At the station Bruce and Alfred have a talk, where Alfred agrees to train Bruce as long as the boy will listen to him from now on. Whilst Jim has trouble finding out who killed one of the criminals that the PD managed to take in, Alfred is out getting to know Lucius Fox since Bruce wants him to fix the damaged computer.

The criminals break into the GCPD and massacre almost everyone, whilst Barbara manages to distract Jim and have him beaten up. With the new Commissioner dead Jim’s left to pick up the pieces and it’s the spur to make Harvey return to the force. As they wallow in the destruction the duo see one final message left behind by Jerome, who let’s them know that only more is to come on the horizon.

Whilst as episode without the Penguin is always sad, the fast pace of the episode and the short timeframe help to explain both why he’s missing and sets up hope that he’ll be returning with Selina in tow very soon. Though many of the major players remain alive (looking at you, Miss Kringle) despite the overall destruction, the death of Essen not only leaves a gap for Jim but keeps things moving. Call it the Game of Thrones effect, but survival is no longer a given on any show anymore. The introduction of Lucius Fox into more active circles was also a smart move for the Bruce and Alfred show, though it very much remains to be seen where the storyline will be taken in the future. Another strong episode from the show, and one that keeps us looking forward to whatever might come in the future.


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