Pilot Season Showdown: Grandfathered, Episode 1 Review

(Beware, spoilers below!)

John Stamos stars in this new comedy as a vain restaurant owner who suddenly finds out that he has a surprise son and granddaughter. When he realises that his son isn’t with the baby’s mother and that his son is in general not what he thought he ends up playing house and looking after Edie. He’s attempting to keep both his restaurant business alive and when baby Edie ends up with a high temperature he has to rush her to the hospital.

Whilst Grandfathered is going up against similar drama The Grinder thanks to the help of its charismatic cast is an enjoyable comedy to watch. John Stamos and Josh Peck fit into their roles like a glove, and Paget Brewster rounds out the trio well. The pilot is very much an introduction to the show, but we wouldn’t expect anything less. Some of the plotlines may be predictable (read: very predictable), but by the end of the half hour you actually end up caring about the characters and what will happen to them – and sometimes that’s just the thing you need.

4/5 = ‘Possibly promising, enough to make me look forward to an upcoming season’


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