Pilot Season Showdown: The Grinder, Episode 1 Review

(Beware, spoilers below!)

What do actors do when their long running TV show are over? Rob Lowe plays a hot-shot actor who once played TV lawyer The Grinder and finds himself watching his real life lawyer brother when he thinks that he can do the job given his past acting history.

He ends up helping his nephew and niece whilst his younger brother fumes in frustration. When he predictably helps his brother win a case the two end up coming to agreement.

No matter how improbable the premise behind The Grinder might be, the double act of Rob Lowe as Dean and Fred Savage as Stewart helps to make things both charming and hilarious. The show rides on the push and pull chemistry between the two, as well as the over dramatic nature of Drew that Low manages to pull off as funny as opposed to irritating. The pilot sets up the show strong, and makes us keen for the next episode to see how the rest of the season might pan out.

4/5 = ‘Possibly promising, enough to make me look forward to an upcoming season’


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