About The Constant Reviewer

Hi there! Thanks for checking out my site: I love to write, just as I I love to experience life, try new things, and also share my thoughts on the things I love with others. If I can experience it, I’ll give it a shot.

If you follow certain things, this may be useful to note: I usually provide an episode review as soon as possible after the episode has aired, music reviews within a few days of the album release and film reviews within a week of release (if I’m too late, I’ll usually forgo it). My Shakespeare Series, Disney Princess Series and makeup reviews are published every Sunday, book reviews every Wednesday and food reviews every Thursday. All other things I review as they come to me.

NB 05/15: It’s a busy time right now as I have exams until June, but I will keep up the television and ‘Series’ posts regularly. Everything else I will do when I have the time. I maintain this site solely on my own, so I can only do what I can.

My favourite things to review are: television, music, film, food, books, fashion, makeup and sports. Thanks for looking and do submit the things you’d like me to review via the submit page on the side.

Please note: I am not paid for any of the reviews on my site, and I do this solely for my enjoyment.


3 thoughts on “About The Constant Reviewer

  1. Hi there! I’ve nominated your blog for the versatile blogger award. I thought your blog was so good and informative. Theres more info on my page, but i seriously hope you keep up the good work bc your reviews are amazing!


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