Maoam Stripes: Review

As long as I’ve known what Maoam was, I’ve known and been a fan of the Maoam Stripes. They’re flat chews that are a creamy colour and come in several fruity flavours. In terms of texture they’re like a very chewy nougat and that texture in itself will only appeal to certain people. The fruit […]

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Walkers Pops: Review

Walkers is arguably one of the biggest and best known names when it comes to savoury snacks in the UK. Most recently they’ve release a new range called Walkers Pops. They’ve been out since the beginning of this year though I’ve noticed they’ve taken a while to gain ground. The Pops are a range of […]

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Bear Pure Fruit Yoyos: Review

I’m not a vet of the health snack market by any means, by I have over the years developed a sweet tooth. It’s one that’s primarily diverted to sweets such as Haribo, Maoam, Rowntrees’ Randoms and Jelly Belly, and a couple of years ago I really took up a quest to find snack foods that […]

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Eve Chocolate Truffles: Review

Eve’s Chocolates is a small business located in Cork, Ireland, with one single retail shop in town. It also just happens to make the best chocolates I’ve ever seen. There’ve been days when most of the food I’ve eaten is chocolate, so a recommendations as such is no mean feat. In this review I’m specifically […]

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Restaurant Review: Jamie’s Italian

I’ve been eating at Jamie’s Italian a long time. Jamie’s Italian┬áprovides contemporary twists and variations on classic and beloved Italian recipes, whilst coming up with odd ones of his own. Since the branch of famous chef Jamie Oliver’s Italian chain restaurant opened in my home town in around 2008, I must have visited different branches […]

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