The Big Bang Theory, Season 8 Episode 18 Review: The Leftover Thermalization

(Beware, spoilers below!)

This week on Big Bang: in the Scientific American magazine Amy notices in the article that Leonard is mentioned as part of Sheldon’s ‘team’ and warns him that Leonard will be very upset. Both Bernardette and Raj help Howard sort through his mothers’ things.

Eventually Sheldon breaks it to Leonard about the article and the latter takes it surprisingly well. In Howard’s mom’s the power is out in the house and he becomes distressed because the last food his mom ever made is now defrosting. In order to have all of the food eaten they decide to host a dinner party so that it’s like she’s feeding them one last time.

Penny tries to make Leonard feel better but even after Sheldon’s talked to the writer of the article things only get worse. As they all sit around the table the issues between Sheldon and Leonard only get worse until it becomes a full out argument. Bernadette tells off both the boys and says they can’t have dessert. The whole gang stuff themselves silly which puts Leonard and Sheldon’s argument at bay for the time being. Sheldon then finds an article on Physics Today which mentions the paper… and Leonard!

This episode continued to tackle the fallout of Mrs Wolowitz’ death whilst Sheldon shows some nice character development in being genuinely concerned for Leonard’s feelings – even if this goes awry later. But as Sheldon and Leonard reverted into their classic bickering it was Howard and his bonds with both Bernadette, Raj and his late mom that we were able to appreciate more. This meant that by the time Leonard was ready to pelt food at Sheldon we were more than glad that Bernadette gave them a dressing down. Let’s be franks, the sendoff dinner was neither the time nor place to have their little argument. This week’s episode where for once, the Sheldon/Leonard duo didn’t steal the stage but our favourite wisecracking engineer did – proof the show can tackle weighty topics well and with heart.

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