Ant-Man: Film Review

We finally enter the second stage (though not Second Phase) of Marvel’s solo superhero films with Ant-Man, a which sees traditional funny man Paul Rudd turn into one of Marvel’s finest. Let’s make one thing clear to start with: Ant-Man isn’t the usual big ticket hero like Iron-Man or Thor. He’s best utilised in smaller […]

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Film Review: Minions

These little things are everywhere. From Amazon packaging, pyjama bottoms and McDonald’s toys, you can’t avoid these little yellow minions even if you want to. It’s odd to think that these yellow figures, incapable of speaking a solid language are carrying a movie but hey, weirder things have happened. Their solo adventure follows them before […]

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Film Review: Inside Out

Pixar’s newest film, Inside Out, has yet to come to the UK until the 24th of July, but that hasn’t stopped it making an impact around the world in the meantime. The film tells the story of a young eleven year old girl named Riley – or more accurately, Riley and the five emotions in […]

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Into the Woods: Film Review

“Once Upon a Time…” Into the Woods has just hit UK cinemas, offering a silver screen take on the much loved Stephen Sondheim musical. Starring big names like Meryl Streep, Emily Blunt and Johnny Depp, there’s a big chance that at least one actor you might like is starring in it. At first, this might […]

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Big Hero 6: Film Review

Coming to UK screens on January 30th is Disney’s newest offering, Big Hero 6, loosely based on the Marvel Comics’ team of the same name. We follow the story of young computer genius Hiro Hamada and his recently deceased brother’s robot Baymax as they look for a menace that might have been responsible for his […]

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