Eve Lom Kiss Mix: Review

“Mix it up with our ever-coveted EVE LOM Kiss Mix. Beautifully chic and filled with a luxurious blend of active extracts, this moisturising, protective and cooling lip treatment has it all. Use under lipstick as a moisturising base, on its own for a softening pearlised sheen, or over lip-colour for a slick of protective shine. […]

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Balmi Cube Lip Balm: Review

To all those who think picking a lip balm is a doddle, think again. There are hundreds on the market, from the cheap drug store alternative to the high end fancy packaged product. The Balmi Cube Lip Balm intends to be an ever so slightly cheaper version of the more expensive EOS lip balms that […]

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EOS Lip Balm: Review

If you’ve seen EOS (Evolution of Smooth) lipbalms at all, I’d say it’s through some celebrity product placement. They’re out on the town, chatting away with pals, when suddenly out pops this round looking lipbalm thing. Spherical lipbalm what? As you can see on the picture, part of the draw towards EOS lipbalms is due […]

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