Chanel Lévres Scintillantes: Review

The Chanel Lévres Scintillantes gloss is advertised as ‘A long-lasting, ultra-gloss look; intense colours and a perfect finish. The gel texture, fluid yet substantial, is easy to apply, giving a perfectly even finish. The smooth formula keeps your lips comfortable’. It’s not wrong. The product is indeed fluids but thick enough for you to feel […]

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Sublime De Chanel: Review

Chanel’s Sublime De Chanel is one of the best mascaras I’ve ever tried. I have small eyelashes and I find it hard to get good enough length or volume from most regular mascaras: it’s not the case with Sublime De Chanel. It’s meant to provide ‘infinite length and curl’ via four different combs to curl […]

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Chanel Rouge Allure: Review

Those who know me know how Chanel holds a place in my holy triumvirate of make up – a trio completed by Dior and Yves Saint Laurent. So to kick off, I’ll review my favourite piece of Chanel makeup I own: my Rouge Allure lipstick. To a certain extent, a lipstick is a lipstick. If […]

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