The Disney Princess Series: Amelia Review

Treasure Planet is somewhat of a niche Disney film. It’s not a famous big property like Frozen or The Little Mermaid, but it still has many loyal followers who love the film to bits. The film is a space adventure adaptation of Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson, and though the main character is the bootstrapping young lad Jim, Captain Amelia is one of the standout characters in the film for her gumption and character.

As can be guess from her title, Captain Amelia is the boss of her own ship which goes by the name of the RLS Legacy. She’s a sharp characters with a quick tongue and a fast moving mind. She is said to have brilliant skills as a captain and she frequently shows her leadership skills in the film.

An independent and interesting character, Amelia often manages to steal the show from the other characters during the film. Her standout entrance in the film not only underlines her presence as a strong female character (aside from Jim’s mother), but also demonstrates her independence and complex character presence.

Her storyline in the Disney film might still raise some eyebrows given that she inevitably falls in love with Doppler in the film and even has children with him. The more critical might say that this is again backpedalling on Disney’s part by not being able to create an independent female character at this point in time. (An interesting point here is that in one version of the script it is implied that Doppler gave birth to the children.) That being said, she’s one of the highlights of the film and with a voice provided by Emma Thompson she’s a treat to watch.


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